End of Life on Earth

The Source is five elements
Earth air water fire ether
Long dying is reabsorbing one by one
Earth into water, water into fire, fire into air, air into ether
Ether into whatever lies beyond your ken
The Void, the Voice, the omnipotent I AM

Your face now translucent,
The jewel within a candle’s glow
Finally we doubters see the holy soul
Always present, hidden in the heart,
Rising to open a door
Will it be heart, mind’s eye or 10th Gate
You choose for your new journey

Each a different route
And all roads lead to the divine
A stop in the halls of the Akasha
Orientation, review, reflection
the red tape of heaven
A long rest if you need it
17 days past earth the disconnect is complete
The new world is home now

We will miss you
Invite you to visit when the veil is thin
Set out lefse, coffee, krumkake
Your portrait and best needlework
Remember us
Watch over us
You are our ancestor now
We are still mud people
Whose best times are yet to come

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