10 minute prompt: Boom…

10 minute writing from this prompt


glorious broom grass infinitely useful, you twist into wall and roof, into home, sweep out what enters unwanted

alchemical instrument, cleansing air and earth, burning as sacrifice to fire, a whooshing flaring burn with sparks and smoke rising to the gods’ ear, mothers’ prayer flying on broom

women’s friend, a witches tool or plant familiar, an elixir of broom for elimination, a straw dolly for curses, also comforting unhappy littles in their fort or fairy bower,

looking into the milk-dotted night while broom grass flowers wave above, stamping and trampling a circle til grass is lain smooth and soft underfoot we dance to sunrise, falling to sing and pray as they turn their glorious morning face upon us namo, namo.

recalling, hear the song, feel the pull of gravity after the long dance, feel the blessed ascending and descending in every atom and the ether spiraling as every so-blessed being awakens

Categories Earth Poems

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