Another way to pray

Dedicated to all water protectors. Mci Waconi.

Kneel in grass
part stems gently
look deep and spit,
it’s your essence.

Rub soil with stiff finger
mix red black or pale yellow-gray
swipe each cheek
rise up sanctified.

Dance eagle’s hunt
prairie hen shaking tail feathers
crane’s elegant forward bend
dance light into shadow.

Say, Pancha Mama
deliver us Visions
in luminous waterfall
unknot this twisted world.

Say, Beloved Gaia
turn Green around
persuade your rivers
to flow in new ways.

Kneel in grass
part rushes
scoop and drink
waters made sacred again.

No more elixir of forgetting
time for a crystal awakening
deep seeing, clear knowing
reknit to her radiant lines of power.

Lift arms and voice
claim the moon and call Life to rise
singing peace harmony ease
into the weary despairing world.

Kneel in grass
pray for this day
may it be here now
and so it is.

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